Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Glorious Mr. Lincoln

It's time to catch up on a bit of news that I haven't had time to post about...

Mr. Lincoln is back in his rightful home! Out with Mr. Martin and in with the Mr. Lincoln. The world seems to be back in its proper order now. It is as if we had been rotating off axis ever since a certain little birthday celebration. Things are now back to the way they should be.

I take it as a reassuring sign, in these days where I disagree with almost everything that is going on in the parks, that there are some within the bowels of WDI that still get it, still care, and that they have some degree of clout to pull off the preservation of these little things.

My "top hats" off to the team that put my Mr. Lincoln back where he belongs. He looks better than ever. Now- just don't touch him. Leave him alone. Don't change a gesture, a brow shape, a blink! Just leave a good thing be- for a long, long time to come!

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