Saturday, January 17, 2009

And The Survey Says?

And the Survey says... too many survey takers!

I visited Disneyland this week. After waiting a half an hour for the single tram that was operating, going through the security check point, and then finally getting through the main gate we were greeted by a swarm of survey takers. They started asking us questions about our "experience" before we had both feet in the park. 

Having the survey people literally a foot and a half from the turnstiles, almost asking you questions before your ticket is even handed back to you is tacky. Walt and the gang at WED designed the main gate very consciously, utilizing the two tunnels under the Disneyland Railroad as a method of transporting guests out of the ordinary world. Entering the parks these days is arduous enough and having these survey takers pester you the second you're finally where you want to be is a little less than magical.

If you are going to be so blunt with your survey etiquette, then the survey takers should simply cut to the chase and just ask what they are really asking:

1. How little time did you spend at California Adventure?
2. How little time did you spend at Downtown Disney?
3. Do you think admission is over priced?

If you feel the need to ask these questions, you've probably already answered your own questions.

If the surveys help make the parks better, cool. But why not ask people about their experience after their experience? For example when they are exiting the park! Or better yet don't contaminate the park with them at all. Why not poll people if you must, when they are outside the gates and waiting 45 minutes for the tram to get back to their cars?