Thursday, May 20, 2010


I was at the park this past weekend and I noticed a handful of recent changes. Some of the changes were a nice sign of things to come and others a not so nice sign of things to come.

-There are new gates/doors on the trams! Yeah! I don't know how so many people survived without these for so many years. They are really fun with strollers too since the doors don't stay open.

-The rails for the red cars are slowly being dropped into California Adventure. I'm utterly blah about the changes on the backside of DCA but the new Hollywood area I have high hopes for. Definitely a good sign.

-And there are Marvel toys on the shelves inside the parks. That didn't take long did it? This was not surprising but still disappointing to see. I wouldn't mind if they were in a store in Downtown-Not-So-Disney. But in the parks is a whole new can of worms!