Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cryogenically Frozen

Disney appears to have realized the potential of marketing merchandise outside the "slap a character on it and sell it to the masses" mentality. Case-in-point is the emergence of a more specific, younger and stylized target audience, as manifested by the Vault 28, Tren D, and D23 retail offerings.

I'm encouraged to see that Disney has realized the huge fan base it has and that they're channeling into it with D23. I still think there is a market that is untapped...and that is the uber Disney park fans.... "Permanecer sentados por favor" ... yeah you know who you are!

Here is an example from Cryogenically Frozen on Cafe Press showing the specific fan- based merchandise. D23 would be a perfect outlet to try something like this that is so specific that only the super Disney fans will get it. Come on Disney, take a stab at it you'll be surprised!

There are a lot more designs at Cryogenically Frozen make sure to check them out, and order your favorites!