Thursday, May 20, 2010


I was at the park this past weekend and I noticed a handful of recent changes. Some of the changes were a nice sign of things to come and others a not so nice sign of things to come.

-There are new gates/doors on the trams! Yeah! I don't know how so many people survived without these for so many years. They are really fun with strollers too since the doors don't stay open.

-The rails for the red cars are slowly being dropped into California Adventure. I'm utterly blah about the changes on the backside of DCA but the new Hollywood area I have high hopes for. Definitely a good sign.

-And there are Marvel toys on the shelves inside the parks. That didn't take long did it? This was not surprising but still disappointing to see. I wouldn't mind if they were in a store in Downtown-Not-So-Disney. But in the parks is a whole new can of worms!


Adam said...

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not about the tram doors. I noticed them on a few trams a few weeks ago thinking they were prototypes, but going this weekend noticed they were all on the trams.

I can't stand it. Yes, especially with strollers it's a pain to get on. I hate how a few people might get hurt, it's usually 100% their own fault, yet they sue the companies it happens at. It's as bad as someone suing a park for their kid falling out of a tree they climbed. Come on people! Take responsibility for your own actions!

I hate those kind of people. Also, get out of the fast lane when you drive slow.

Oh, I also agree with marvel being in the parks. Sigh. Where has Disney gone?

Spokker said...

What are you doing not boycotting Disneyland???

Mr. Lincoln said...

Couldn't agree more Adam! And yes, that was all sarcasm regarding the trams.

It sounds corny to say but part of the draw of Disneyland is it's themes of bygone era's and old world charm. Where people were more couth, classy, and not ready to sue at the drop of hat. Its sad to see some of these lame changes water that down.

Adam said...

Thanks. :)

It just hurts to grow up with Disney and seeing something that was a "Theme" park turn into an Amusement park. A quick glance at WDW's Tomorrowland, addition of branded characters into Small World and Epcot, and Marvel in the parks should be a clear sign that Disney is headed this way. It's sad that Disney Park's primary income is from first time visitors that don't know any better. I wish more people could step back and look at where Disney is going on a whole.