Sunday, June 14, 2009

Unheard Walt's Words- Money & Stockholders

"There are some people that sit and worship money as something you've got to have piled up in a big pile somewhere. I've only thought of money in one way, and that is to do something with it. You see, I don't think there is a thing that I own that I'll ever get the benefit of except through doing things with it." -Walt Disney

"Well as far as my stockholders go I've felt we'll never pay these dividends until that company is right. Because, I felt that we must build it up and we can't borrow money to pay dividends. Just what to appease some stockholder who wants his dividend. I'm building him assets. Their stock is worth a lot more today than it was. Now that's what I feel is my obligation to them. My brother and I have been right together in that right from the get-go. And we've felt that assets is the thing that we are responsible for not appeasing some stockholder. We're not afraid of the stockholder coming in to us because we know we're doing what's right for the company." -Walt Disney

(From a 1961 Interview with Peter Martin)


Spokker said...

Warren Buffet also has some good things to say about money.

Jennifer said...

When did common sense go out of fashion? Makes me respect Walt more than ever.

It's also a shame, though, that these were indeed 'unheard' words. So many people who bash Walt today (who don't understand that the Disney company they know today reflects little, if any, of Walt's vision or beliefs) somehow think that he was all about the money.

Spokker said...

Well Walt Disney made his money work, not like those damn Jews who just horde all the wealth. He said it in the 1959 special that introduced the Matterhorn to the world.

Anonymous said...

Spokker the Troll is hard at work again. Bigoted spammer.

Spokker said...

I didn't say it. Walt Disney did.