Sunday, November 18, 2007

Drawings From Imagineers: Topper Helmers

In a sense, I have Topper Helmers to thank for all the "Drawing From Imagineers" posts. As you may know from previous posts these are all drawings that Imagineers have drawn in a sketchbook for me while attending the Life Drawing workshops at WDI. Topper actually gave me the idea of doing the sketchbook and it was Topper who introduced me to John Hench, who did the first page in the book. So an obvious and multitude of thanks to Topper!!

Topper worked for Imagineering from 1990-1998 and has won many awards for his work on Indiana Jones: Temple of the Forbidden Eye, Animal Kingdom, and the Animation Exhibit at California Adventure. Topper continues to do freelance for various theme park and animation companies, and more of his work can be seen at his website here.


Cory Gross said...

Congratulations to Topper... I love both the Temple of the Forbidden Eye and the Animation Exhibit at DCA. The former is my favorite attraction for sheer quality of the intensive, immersive atmosphere of the ride and queue. The latter is exactly the sort of all-encompasing celebration and entrance into the world of Disney animation that I had wanted by going to Disneyland. It even turned my first trip around when I was kind of depressed about Disneyland not quite meeting my expectations (Lord, deliver me from expectation!)... Stepping into the foyer surrounded by Disneyness, and then walking through the Magic Mirror's alchemical lab, the Beast's library and Ursula's grotto was exactly what I had wanted to experience there.

Thanks Topper!

Camden Professional Organizer said...

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