Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Galley Restaurant: Tom Sawyer's Island

The new "Pirates Lair" is open on Tom Sawyer's Island. I know there is/was a heated debate about the addition and I can see both sides. However, that isn't the issue today. The issue is that Tom and his Pirate friends need some sustenance over on the island!

There used to be food service at the Old Fort on the Island. That has long been closed and there is currently no where to get any kind of food or drink, save for a drinking fountain. The updating of the island is obviously aimed to boost attendance. Why not throw in a place to eat?

Ideally it would be nice to a see a full service restaurant. There aren't enough full service restaurants in the park and this is one of the rare places where there is room for one. Many people without reservations at the Blue Bayou are turned away daily. A nice restaurant, if done well, has the potential to draw people to the island in and of itself. Maybe something in-between the Blue Bayou and Aunt Pauly's from the Magic Kingdom. If that isn't possible, for whatever reason, any kind of food vending will do for now.

It seems "Phase 2" of Pirates Liar is in progress, I don't now if any kind of food service is part of that plan, but I hope it is.


Anonymous said...

The food is so expensive there, I usually leave the park and go to the Red Robin across the street. A bit more than your regular Red Robin, but still less expensive than the park or Downtown Disney.

Anonymous said...

It is expensive! But the only thing about leaving the park to eat is that you usually have to battle the crowds waiting for a parade just to get out. On the way back in you have to wait in line to get your bags checked and then wait in line again to get in the main gate.

Anonymous said...

This would be a good time to bring back the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship. It would fit in perfect with the new theme.